leerkracht dutch language for small kids

we are looking for one teacher (animators) to give dutch basics and animations to little groups in an education program

3 hours every tuesday (except academics holidays) in Morlanwelz (b-7140)

the idea is to get the kids familiar to the dutch language and culture via academic course, smiles, quizzes, games, gym (stretching, etc), music and rhythm, little scenarios and whatever you think interesting (improvisation)

you work in total autonomy,

pedagogy is focused on oral expression, and immersion (more than reading and writing)
the idea is to make dutch attractive

17h-18h with 3-4 kids (5-7 y old)
18h00-19h50 with 7-8 kids (8-11 y old)

Bijles / Vertalen / Tutoring / Translation
Postcode & plaats tewerkstelling/Postal code & place of work: 
Statuut/sort of job: 
Loon bedrag/Wage: 
115.00 eur
Loon per/Wage per: 
eenmalige prestatie/prestation
Werktijden//time of employement
Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Friday, December 22, 2017
Werktijden per dag: 
maandag/Monday dinsdag/Tuesday woensdag/Wednesday donderdag/Thursday vrijdag/Friday zaterdag/Saturday zondag
van/from -17h00-----
Opmerking over het aantal te werken uren: 
it is mentioned from sept to dec but if you are interested it goes up to june you are not forced to come every week, there is a backup. to guarantee your presence at 17h00 you have to take the train at brux central at 15h24 if you own a car then you have to leave around 16h10 train pass is usually 15€ (10€ for students?) and is already included in the prestation wage
Vereiste talen/Requested languages: 
Profiel kandidaat/Candidate’s profile: 
candidate must have flemish culture to share with the kids, nice elocuaion, with positive energy, kids lover, and education awereness, nice presentation,